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JSC Sumy Frunze NPO liquid ring vacuum pumps JSC Sumy Frunze NPO -
58 Gorky str., Sumy, 40004, Ukrajina

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Alexandr A. Artyukhov, Director of Foreign Activity & Marketing:
Roman V. Padalka, Deputy Director of Foreign Activity & Marketing
Valery V. Tsebinoha, Head of Foreign Trade Department

Pumping equipment manufactured by the JSC Sumy Frunze NPO is quite varied. The Company is a principal supplier of special pumping equipment for all units of nuclear power stations.
A wide range of centrifugal pumps are manufactured for the chemical industry. These pumps are made of titanium alloys, that provides their usage for high-aggressive media.
products:   liquid ring vacuum pumps and compressors

Liquid-packed ring vacuum pumps and compressors and rotary pumps are designed for different branches of industry. They are made of carbon and stainless steels, and titanium alloys.

NES-Engineering Kiev NES-Engineering, LLC -
- 37 Matrosova str., Vasilkov 08600, Ukrajina

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NES-Engineering - is the official representative in the Ukraine of Speck Pumpen Vakuumtechnik GmbH.
products:   Liquid ring vacuum pumps

for medicine, nuclear power, metallurgy, chemical industry, plastics industry, food industry, pharmaceutical industry, beverage industry, ship building, agriculture.

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